Q. How and when was forte_forte first created?

A: After a few years working in the fashion industry, both in Italy and abroad, I decided to take a year off travelling and researching. 

At the time, my brother Paolo was coming back home, after working in New York for three years; he was actually meant to go and live in Tokyo, but instinctively we decided to spend more time together and to share a new adventure.

Having both worked in the knitwear industry, we had the desire to create something very personal and precious, something that would completely reflect our souls: a special "my wardrobe" made of timeless designs, pure materials and artisanal precious details; hence, forte_forte was born.

Q. What is the origin of the brand name?

A: Giada Forte and Paolo Forte. Our family name has become the brand name; Paolo, the strategic strength and I, more the heart and soul of the brand, bringing our different experiences together.

Q. If you had to describe forte_forte in three words, what would they be?

A: "Pure, essential, sincere." Forte_forte represents timeless pieces revealing the freedom where past and present meet and share their soul.
Forte_forte's aim is to tell a story full of emotions, dissolving the distance between the garments and people wearing them.

Q. How has forte_forte's aesthetic changed over time?

A: I think forte_forte aesthetic has always remained very authentic and loyal to itself.

What we have evolved over the years is the constant research for noble, precious materials combined with simple, pure shapes.

the collection has certainly grew up little by little in terms of construction and refinement in garment making and finishings.

Giada Forte

Giada Forte

Q. Describe your design process?

A: Everything always starts from a journey, a sensation, an experience.

Sensations are then translated into a profound research for textiles and finishings that, little by little, become living silhouettes.

I believe in the importance of special, precious details that make a piece unique, and I love dedicating a great attention to color shades.

Our collections always portray an emotive voyage. I like the idea that a collection makes you dream for a while and that, when you buy a piece, you feel part of it.

Q. What were your main sources of inspiration for this latest collection?

A: The main spring summer collection, called "raw beauty," is inpired by the beautiful natural landscape of the seaside in the Yucatan area.
It is a pulsating place where fine sand embraces the sea and mayan magic permeates nature.
I was charmed by this authentic atmosphere full of pureness and contact with nature.
In this collection, in fact, gauzes and linen create airy dresses and sophisticated kaftans, light and velvety voiles draw pure silhouettes.


Q. What are the key characteristics a "forte_forte girl" must have?

A: A forte_forte woman has a strong personality; she is curious and loves travelling.

She is refined and sophisticated, a woman who likes wearing clothes that make her feel special, cuddled and feminine. She is not just linked to iconic fashion items.

Q. What can we expect from forte_forte & giada_forte in the future?

A: Our dream is to open our own store, a special place where we can fully represent our oneiric emotional world and where our clients can become part of it.