forte_forte pfw

This fashion season Paris decided to grace us with nothing but rainy days and gray-filled skies (because, apparently, it is no longer considered to be fashion month unless there is some form of extreme weather involved).

However, that did not stop us from working our way through endless schedules moving from one show to the next and witnessing fashion strut down the runway. 

I was lucky enough to experience firsthand yet another beautiful forte_forte collection, since I basically lived in their entire Spring/ Summer 17 repertoire all throughout my little rendez vous Parisienne

And in case you were wondering, no, I did not purposefully play mix and match with the city surroundings (although I cannot say I am displeased with the result).

Thank you, forte_forte and giada_forte, for allowing me once again to wear your flawless designs and making me feel all cozed up through never-ending rainy days.

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