At the very mention of CHANEL to just about anyone, I’ve noticed three consecutive reflexes: eyes grow wide, body language confirms familiarity and declarations are made, usually involving the word, “love.” Chanel's name alone evokes an image of classicism, romanticism, independence, and timelessness. It evokes devotion, it evokes love.

Allow me to follow suit, because I am no exception. I love Chanel. I mean, really love. It commands my undivided attention.

So, after years of watching every Coco & Karl documentary I could get my hands on; admiring each ready-to-wear, resort and couture collection via youtube; and essentially becoming a walking "Chanelopedia," one can only imagine how wide MY eyes grew when an opportunity to creative direct and style an editorial shoot with Chanel came to fruition. For me, this was the ultimate. An accolade so high on my life's resume, it couldn't be topped.


The Idea:

Never before has a concept materialized so immediately in my mind, and of two things I became instantly certain: 1) Horses, classic cars and green grass would be involved. 2) Landon Nordeman was the only photographer who could illustrate my vision precisely as I saw it. Everything his lens captures takes on an element of mystery, surreality and a whiff of satire- all the while maintaining natural beauty. Be it a live being or an inanimate object, we want to know how it got there, what it's thinking, what it's doing, why it's doing it. Nothing escapes personification. 


The Fall 2015

Ready-to-Wear Collection:

During Paris Fashion week in early March, the Grand Palais transformed into "Brasserie Gabrielle" for the setting of Chanel's Fall/Winter show; 97 sublime ensembles came sauntering through its revolving door, one more breathtaking than the next. My challenge? Choosing seven.


The Location: 

I coupled my adoration for Chanel's silhouette and enduring ingenuity with a location for which I feel an equal affinity. Located in Greenspring Valley - the heart of Baltimore County's most hauntingly beautiful horse-country - lies Stoneworth Farm. Much of my youth and teenage years were spent at this picturesque location, a refuge which continues to hold a special place in my heart. Perennial and personal, unfading and deeply distinctive, Chanel and Stoneworth made a perfect match. 


A Final Highlight: 

Coco Chanel held an affinity for horses and the equestrian lifestyle. She designed practical clothing that afforded movement and function, yet maintained style and elegance. These nuanced creations enabled women to exude an air of confidence, modernity and effortless beauty. During the autumn months of fox hunting season, known as “cubbing,” age-old tradition requires riders to don tweed jackets. Fittingly, I chose to shoot the Fall collection during the prime of cubbing season in Greenspring Valley, authentically incorporating Stoneworth's active hunter horses. Capturing the Chanel tweed coat and luxurious feather skirt in this rugged outdoor environment (seen directly above) was another purposeful nod to the beautiful juxtaposition at the center of Chanel's ethos.